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School Organizational Team

The level of collaboration between families and educators is an important predictor of student academic achievement. Parents and family members who establish strong, positive relationships with school staff have more opportunities to learn about the education system and become better education advocates. Successful school-family partnerships are built on mutual respect, trust, equality, and a joint vision for student achievement.

This philosophy is the foundational premise of a School Organizational Team.  The function of the team is to assist and advise the school principal in development and implementation of the school plan of operation, consisting of the school performance plan and the strategic budget.

2018-2019 School Organizational Team 
Gabriela Foster, Parent Member
Larry Lienau, Parent Member
Fernando Romero, Parent Member
Jody Bowden, Support Staff Member
Jayme Rawson, Teacher Member
Gabe Silva, Teacher Member
Geovanna Sanchez, Student Representative
Darlin Delgado, Principal
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