Homecoming Information

✨We hope you will join us for a night in Emerald City! ✨
Ticket Prices:
10/6-10/7 $15
10/10-10/14 $20
$25 at the door (if applicable)
Senior VIP add $5

✨Can we bring outside guests?
Yes! However, All non-East Tech guests must fill out a guest pass form and be younger than 21 years of age. The guest pass form requires their school administrator’s approval, if applicable. Guest passes can be found outside of the Activities Office in the 500’s and Room 912 starting 9/21. Students will be unable to buy their guest’s ticket until the form has been filled out, turned in, and approved by East Tech administration. (Plan on turning it in at least 2 days before needing to purchase tickets. Example: Buying tickets on October 6th? Must be turned in by October 4th!)

✨How many tickets can I buy?
1 ticket per student will be sold at the banker. (If you need to pay for a non-East Tech student ticket, it will be limited to one per guest, and the approved guest pass must be present. If you would like to pay for your date’s ticket, please be sure to go with them to the banker!) 

✨Are there any requirements for purchasing homecoming tickets? 
Yes, a few things to keep in mind -
Fees: Administration has set forth that students must have either paid all of their fees, or have started a payment plan with the banker AND have made at least two payments, before being able to purchase a ticket to homecoming. (Example: Pay September and October)
Tardies/absences: Per the East CTA policies: Excessive tardies (on your 6th tardy) or excessive absences (5th unexcused) will result in loss of after-school events/dances and/or non-academic field trips. (Students earn privileges back from excessive tardies at the start of each semester by having no tardies in all classes).
Discipline: Any student who has been suspended or has had two or more behavior incidents this calendar year will not be able to purchase a ticket and/or attend Homecoming.

✨What do I need to bring with me?
Your student ID! All non-East Tech guests must bring this school-issued ID and/or government-issued ID to be checked in at the door. Memento tickets will be given at the end of the dance.