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Due to a rapid influx in club activity, we have decided to postpone the virtual club fair to allow all clubs to have a chance to showcase and market their club. We are excited and proud of our students for taking an initiative to continue to be connected to our campus and maintain a positive school experience. We appreciate your patience and support of our students. A new date for our virtual club fair will be announced soon in the East Tech Times newsletter.
Do you want to learn new hobbies? Do you want to get involved more at the school? Are you wondering what the different clubs and activities are using their money for? Well this is the place to find out! Visit the ECTA Clubs & Organization page for more information.

Establish a Club

Use the following link,, to submit an application for a club charter. New club charters must have an ECTA staff member as an advisor. Students must have an advisor confirmed before submitting the application. Please reach out to the Activities Office if you need assistance with finding a staff advisor.

Club Sign Up & Attendance

Use the following link,, to sign up for an existing club. This form will also be used for attendance for every club meeting. Students must complete this form to document attendance at every club meeting.

Club Officer Declaration

Use the following link,, to declare your candidacy and application for being a club officer. Please remember to forward your email receipt to your club advisor and the Activities Office. 


Updated club information coming soon!

Virtual Club Fair 2020 information coming soon!