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General Information

East Tech is a comprehensive magnet high school that offers several distinct program areas of study. Students select their program of choice when applying for admission. Students will follow a four-year sequence of courses as specified for their program area. East Tech offers 8 different programs grouped into 3 separate houses: House 1 - Education and Medical Professions; House 2 - Culinary Arts and Marketing & Hospitality; and House 3 - Automotive Mechanical Technology, Construction Management, Electronic Engineering Technology, and Information Technology Systems. Honors and Advanced Placement classes are offered at East Tech to prepare students to transition to post-secondary institutions. Rigorous coursework, job-shadowing, and internships will give students first-hand experience in their selected program areas. In addition, students will have the opportunity to earn college credits through the 2+2 Tech Prep program and through Advanced Placement Courses.
East Tech’s mission is to cultivate ethical citizens and empower them to become proficient in the tenets. East Tech’s vision is to promote academic excellence through project-based learning, smaller learning communities based on program area, and the East Tech tenets: content knowledge, problem-solving, collaboration, technology skills, presentation skills and written communication skills. East Tech’s motto is Together ALL Students Succeed.