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Student Behavior and Discipline

East Tech staff members are legally responsible for maintaining order and discipline among all students. The law provides that students who do not comply with reasonable rules may expect disciplinary action. The Board of School Trustees expects the principal to take action as necessary to protect students and school personnel from dangerous or socially unacceptable student behavior. Violation of the rules may result in a student being suspended, recommended for behavioral program placement, recommended for expulsion, or other disciplinary action. East Tech will not tolerate inappropriate behavior and the student's consequences, in addition to progressive discipline, may be a return to his/her home school. In order to guarantee all students at the East Career & Technical Academy an enriching academic environment, East Tech has the following expectations for all students:
1. No student will interfere with the instructor’s right to teach.
2. No student will interfere with another student’s learning.
3. No student will engage in any behavior that is not in his/her best interest or in the best interest of others.
When students engage in inappropriate behaviors, they will be dealt with fairly and consistently using progressive discipline. For minor classroom disruptions, teachers will follow the East Tech Progressive Discipline Plan:
● First Offense: Verbal Warning
● Second Offense: Parent Contact (Phone Call or Letter Sent Home)
● Third Offense: Counselor Referral
● Fourth Offense (and Subsequent Offenses): Dean Referral
Furthermore, teachers can issue classroom disciplinary consequences (detention, for example) at their own discretion. Students who repeatedly cause classroom disruptions or who commit serious behavior infractions (see list below) will be disciplined through the Deans’ Office. Students may be subject to detention, in-school suspension, a required parent conference (RPC), out-of-school suspension, referral to Behavior School, expulsion, and/or arrest (as appropriate) for the following infractions:
● Academic Dishonesty
● Alcohol (Possession/Use)
● Arson
● Assault/Battery
● Automobile Misuse
● Bullying, Cyberbullying, Harassment, or Intimidation
● Bus Citation
● Campus Disruption
● Classroom Disruption
● Computer Misconduct
● Controlled Substance (Distribution/ Possession/ Use – Including Paraphernalia)
● Defiance of School Personnel
● Disorderly Conduct
● Dress Code Violation
● Explosive Devices
● Extortion
● Fighting (Physical and/or Verbal)
● Firearms
● Forgery
● Gambling
● Gang Activity
● Illegal Conduct
● Immoral Conduct
● Nuisance Items
● PE Non-dress
● Profanity
● Robbery
● Tardiness
● Threats
● Theft
● Tobacco (Possession/Use)
● Truancy
● Vandalism
● Weapons 
Disciplinary Action
Required Parent Conference (RPC)
A required parent conference is intended to facilitate a cooperative solution to a problem. Generally, the student is called into the Deans’ Office and signs the RPC form. One copy of the RPC form is given to the student to take home and one copy is mailed home. An attempt is also made to contact the student's parent(s) or legal guardian. Students who receive an RPC-A may continue to attend school while the parent conference is pending. In situations where the safety of the student, the safety of others, or further investigation is necessary to arrive at a conclusion regarding a situation, a temporary removal of the student (RPC-T) for a period of up to two school days may be issued.
A suspension is the temporary removal of students from school when circumstances are such that they can no longer be kept in school without risk of detriment to the educational program or to themselves. The primary purpose of a suspension is to give students, parents, and the school the appropriate time needed to investigate and resolve a problem or conflict.
Expulsion is the termination of enrollment, either for a limited time or permanently, for students in Clark County School District schools by the Board of School Trustees. While the school may recommend a student for expulsion, the Education Services Division will make the final decision for expulsion.
Denial of Participation in Activities
Students who commit serious infractions, truancy, or demonstrate chronic misbehavior can and will be denied participation in school activities including field trips, shows, senior trips, school dances, clubs, graduation ceremonies, etc. Any student who has been expelled, on RPC, suspended, or in Behavior School may not attend or participate in school activities including dances, after-school activities, and/or out-of-district trips.