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General Policies

Acceptable Use Policy
Before East Tech students are permitted to use the computers at school, parents and students must sign an Acceptable Use Policy. This agreement means the student promises to adhere to the educational and academic restrictions placed upon school computer use and understands that any violations may result in the loss of computer/network privileges and/or other disciplinary measures.
Daily announcements are made to apprise students of important school-related information. Distribution of advertisements, posters, and party announcements is prohibited on campus.
The school bank is operated for the convenience of students and to ensure the security of school-generated funds. All money collected from student activities must be receipted and deposited immediately in the school bank. School bank hours are 6:30 AM - 2:30 PM. Some banking activities (the payment of course fees, the purchase of PE clothes or a school yearbook, etc.) can be conducted online.
Bus Transportation
Bus service is provided to East Tech students who live within the East Tech transportation boundary. Schedule and bus stop information can be obtained by calling 799-8111 . If buses fail to show at a stop, or a student's welfare is threatened, parents are asked to call the District Transportation Department at 799-8100. Students may only ride their assigned bus. Students who participate in athletics at their home school are responsible for providing their own transportation from East Tech to the home school; however, a parent/guardian may fill out a Student Transportation Space Available Request and, if space is available, the student may be given permission to ride a bus after school to their home school instead of their assigned bus. The form can be accessed on the school website, but it must be completed by a parent/guardian and mailed to transportation. Riding school buses is a privilege, and that privilege may be revoked for failing to follow behavior guidelines.
Closed Campus
East Tech students are required to remain on campus from their time of arrival until dismissal. This includes lunch. Students who need to go home during the school day due to illness must check out through the nurse’s office. Students violating this policy may be subject to a required parent conference (RPC) and/or truancy; any items purchased by a student(s) during a closed campus violation will be confiscated. Additionally, students returning to campus are subject to search. Students who have an open period(s) at the end of the day, but want to participate in after-school activities including clubs may stay on campus in the Tech Center. Students need to sign in and identify what event they are staying for.   The late bus is for students who remain on campus to engage in school activities and/or projects. Students who wish to take advantage of this opportunity are not permitted to leave campus between the dismissal bell and arrival of the late bus. Students who violate this policy may face revocation of late bus privileges. 
Cellular Phones and Electronic Devices
The administration at East Tech is not responsible for damaged or stolen cell phones, iPods, MP3 players, computer/laptops, or other electronic devices brought to school by students. These devices are to remain off during instructional time; however, permission may be granted for instructional use at the teacher’s discretion. Cell phones and electronic devices may be confiscated if used during inappropriate times and the school’sProgressive Discipline Plan will be used in response to a student’s failure to adhere to the rules and may result in parents having to pick the item up from the Dean’s office. Any unclaimed items will be either discarded or donated to charity after 30 days.
It is the parent/guardian/student’s responsibility to ensure that the correct home address and phone numbers are on file at school. Please contact the registrar to report any change of information or incorrect information.
Delivery of Messages and Items
Instructional time will not be interrupted for the delivery of messages to students unless there is an emergency. A message to a student involves class disruption, use of clerical time, and is a possible violation of the FERPA. There is no way to verify the legal parent/guardian from a telephone call. If an emergency situation arises, parents/guardians must come to the school to deliver the message in person in order to provide identification. Only the parent/guardian listed on the permanent school record (CCF703) will be permitted to have contact with a student. Items such as lunch, flowers, gifts, balloons, money, etc. will not be delivered to students.
Equal Opportunity
In compliance with federal and state regulations, the Clark County School District shall not discriminate on the basis of sex, age, race, color, national origin, religion, or handicap in the educational programs or activities which it operates.
Elevator Usage
Students are not permitted to use the elevator without the consent of the school nurse or school administration.
Eye Protection
Students working in lab environments involving power tools or chemicals must wear eye protection. These will be issued to students enrolled in a career and technical program with potential safety hazards.
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act Public Law 93-380 (FERPA)
The Family Rights and Privacy Act holds that schools can only release information to the parents or guardians of a student. East Tech will only release information to the parents or guardians listed on the student enrollment form. Parents should notify the school if there are any special circumstances regarding the guardianship of their son or daughter.
All student fines should be paid prior to registration for the following year or graduation (if a senior). Seniors will not be issued caps and gowns if they have outstanding fines. Students failing to take care of their obligations will experience delays in registration.
Fire Drills and Shelter-in-Place Drills
Fire drills are held at unannounced intervals during the school year under the direction of the Clark County Fire Department. If students are in doubt of the fire exit route, specific information is posted in each classroom or laboratory. Students are to take all personal valuables when exiting classrooms, leaving all books. Students are not to use restrooms or leave campus during a fire drill. Students who happen to be in a school area that is not under the supervision of a teacher at the start of a fire drill must move immediately to the nearest exit and join a supervised group of students. If a shelter-in place drill is conducted during the school day, students are to remain in their classroom and follow the instructions from the teachers. Students out of the classroom during these drills are to move immediately into the nearest supervised classroom.
Food and Beverages
No food or beverages are allowed in hallways, classrooms, or library. Food or beverages are not to be taken from the cafeteria or quad area. East Tech will be participating in “Second Chance Breakfast” this year. Any student who would like to pick up breakfast between Periods 1/3 or 2/4 may do so and consume it during the first 5 minutes of the next period. This will be the only food permitted in the classrooms. Students are expected to clean up after themselves.
All East Tech students will be required to have a CCSD Google® account. This account allows students to electronically communicate with their instructors and with each other both in school and at home. Students will receive training on how to properly use this account. Responsible behavior in the use of this online account will be closely monitored. The school’s Progressive Discipline Plan will be used in response to a student’s failure to adhere to the rules as described in the Acceptable Use Policy.
Health Office
A full-time First Aid Safety Assistant (FASA) is on duty in the health office. A certified school nurse is available on a regular basis. The health aide does not supply any form of medication. If medication (prescription or nonprescription) is needed during school hours, the student must obtain a medication release form from the health aide. This form must be completed by the parent/guardian and returned with the medication. If students become ill or injured while in school, they must obtain a pass from the teacher and then report to the health office. They are not to call parents to pick them up or leave campus without reporting to the health aide's office. The FASA will contact the parent or guardian if a student needs to go home. Students with disabilities should contact the school nurse to obtain information concerning the availability of health services.
The library is available to students wishing to study, do research, borrow books, or read. To assist students with their literary needs, a librarian is on duty to help with book selections or information searches. Students are expected to show respect for library books and courtesy towards other students using the facilities. All library books are the property of the school, and students are fined for lost or damaged books.
Student lockers remain the property of the school and school authorities have a responsibility and the right to examine the lockers for reasons of health, safety, and security. When students accept lockers, they acknowledge this right. Students are responsible for the condition of their assigned locker. If a personal padlock is placed on a hall locker, school authorities will remove it. Locker assignments are obtained from the Deans’ Office. No sharing or switching of lockers is permitted.
Lost and Found
When personal items are found on campus, they are taken to the Deans’ Office to be secured. Any unclaimed items will be either discarded or donated to charity after 30 days.
Makeup Work
After any approved absence, the student must contact the teacher(s) to obtain makeup work within 3 school days following the absence. Review each course’s course expectations for each teacher’s makeup procedures.
Mandatory Academic Opportunity
A mandatory academic opportunity period may be scheduled for students who fall below a 70% in any subject. The purpose of this period is to ensure that all students get the extra help they need to master important concepts required for credit. It is important that students attend mandatory opportunity periods when they are assigned. Students/parents/guardians will be given at least a 24-hour notice of the mandatory academic opportunity period. Failure to attend an assigned academic opportunity will result in disciplinary action.
Media Release
East Tech is a high profile school and is expected to be featured in various publications; therefore, each student must have his/her media release form on file.
Nevada Code of Honor and the Educational Involvement Accord
In compliance with Senate Bill 214, Section 17, passed during the 2005 Nevada Legislative session, the Nevada Code of Honor and the Educational Involvement Accord are required to be distributed to each student's parent(s) or guardian(s) at the beginning of each school year or upon a student's enrollment in the class, as applicable.
A parking permit is required for every vehicle parked in the student parking lot during regular school hours and must be displayed on the rear view mirror at all times. Students who drive more than one vehicle must register each vehicle with the Dean’s Office. Student parking is located on the west side of the building, next to the 500 wing (off Hollywood). Students are not to loiter in the parking lots and cannot go to their vehicles during class time, between classes, or during lunch. Students must drive at posted speed limit (5MPH) at all times. Students must drive cautiously and obey all driving laws on or around campus. Failure to follow any of the school regulations may result in disciplinary consequences, the revocation of parking privileges, having vehicles towed at their own expense, and/or the notification of reckless driving to school police or other law enforcement officials. Student vehicles may be searched if there is suspicion of alcohol or other drugs, stolen items, weapons, or as a part of an arrest for violating the law. Any incidents or problems regarding parking must be reported to the Dean’s Office immediately. The make, model, color, year, and license plate number of each vehicle driven on campus must be provided to school personnel to obtain a parking permit. Parking permits must be returned to the Dean’s Office at the end of every school year. Students who lose their parking permits or who fail to return the parking permits to the Dean’s Office will be charged a replacement fee of $5.
Permanent Markers
Permanent markers are not permitted on campus. Markers found on campus will be confiscated.
Posters and Fliers
All posters and flyers must be approved by the Activities Office prior to being posted on bulletin boards or in any common area.
Project-Based Learning
Project-Based Learning will be employed in all East Tech classes. This methodology will not replace time-honored teaching methods, but instead will be added to an instructor’s teaching strategies to make curriculum more meaningful, rigorous, and relevant to 21 st Century learning outcomes. Additional information can be accessed at the following websites:
Program Fees and Uniforms
Students enrolled in program classes are charged a fee to pay for their personal educational items such as uniforms, specialized tools, reference books, or workbooks. Students may be required to wear distinctive dress appropriate to their program. The uniform requirement is specified by the teacher and will differ according to program. Fees must be paid at the start of the year. If economic circumstances are such that families find it difficult to pay the necessary fees, payment alternatives will be considered and arrangements can be made through students' counselors and teachers.
Smoking/Tobacco Policy
Clark County School District regulations prohibit the use of tobacco anywhere on campus. Students found using tobacco products, including vapor cigarettes/products, are subject to disciplinary action.
Instructional emphasis is placed on the following East Tech tenets: content knowledge, written communication skills, presentation skills, problem-solving skills, collaboration skills, and technology skills.
Textbooks are provided to students by the school district free of charge but remain the property of the school. Students will be charged a fine for lost or damaged books. A lost book must be paid for before another is issued. Bar codes on the textbook are used to identify the student to whom the textbook is issued. If the barcode is defaced, changed, or removed, the book will be returned to the school repository without credit given to the student (CCSD Reg, 6161). Students withdrawing from school or transferring to another school must return their textbooks or face fines, and a transfer form will not be issued until book fines are paid.
Student valuables, jewelry, or large amounts of money are not to be brought to school. THE SCHOOL ASSUMES NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE LOSS OR THEFT OF SUCH ITEMS.
Visitor Policy
Students are not allowed to bring guests with them to school; however, parents or guardians are always welcome at East Tech. They must report to the front office for a visitor’s pass.
The East Career & Technical Academy website can be accessed at